Why I Ask For ID

This comes up a lot for me, as I will always ask you for a photo of your license and your mobile number to confirm a booking. 

I'm going to keep this short and to the point so it's really clear as to you why I need your information. 

  • My Security
You will be entering my home or incall and my body. My safety and security is extremely important to me. People who provide their ID are less likely to hurt, abuse, rob or stalk me. I will be able to take this information to the police if necessary, in order to protect myself. If you don't have bad intentions, you have nothing to worry about.
  • Screening
I use your information in certain databases, generally looking for a history of assault. Again, if you have no violent history, you're probably good to go. 
  • How I Store Your Info
Your information is always stored securely, and in most cases deleted after our booking. It is only ever seen by me - unless something terrible happens, in which case I'll pass this information on to police.
  • How I WILL NOT Use Your Information
I have no reason to use your information in any other way. It's really simple. I want your business, so I'm not going to 'out' you to your wife, work, friends etc. I will never initiate calls, text messages, nor will I ever rock up on your door step. A huge part of this industry is based on anonymity, I will always respect your privacy and confidentiality - as I expect you to respect mine.

If you have questions or concerns about this, please reach out. I know it can feel strange to share this information but I hope you now have more of an understanding of why I ask for it.

Ellie x


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